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Dig Caterina’s

Dig Caterina‘s guest blogger. It’s funny how some people’s writing styles (and subjects chosen) are so distinctive. Not everyone has that distinctive a ‘voice’. At least I’m pretty sure it’s who I think it is.

PS: excuse the gratuitous use of the term “dig” above. I saw Easy Rider over the weekend. Did you notice Toni Basil is in it? Yes, Toni Basil of “Hey Mickey” fame, and the progenitor of Paula Abdul, was in Easy Rider. Dig that.

Apple has redesigned

their Technical Note format, and altough it’s really dry information of a technical nature, in its own way it’s quite beautiful. A subdued but good use of fonts, good in-file linking that’s well distinguished from the rest of the page, a good executive summary at the top, the date of publication/update is prominently displayed, and they use shading and an indent to very clearly highlight code. And there’s a PDF equivalent available at the bottom, cause no matter how nice it looks online, a PDF will print better. Form following function, to ape the famous old line, but not devoid of form as many techies assume is appropriate for other techies.

I guess the second

paragraph on the freshly-redesigned and repurposed YULblog means that I’m going to see Ed, Aaron, and Toasty on Wednesday, if not others in addition. Cool.

I could read

Lawrence Lessig all day. Including, most recently, Jail Time in the Digital Age, an Op-Ed in the New York Times. A guy like Lessig almost makes me want to pack it all in and go to law school.

The reviews are in

, and they don’t seem to like the Planet of the Apes. Don’t listen to the reviewers! It’s the ape-iest movie of the year. Tim Roth should definitely get the Oscar for Best Ape in a Leading Role (in this I agree with Blork).

I confess

that I feel like this quite often these days. Not being a true coding techie, it takes me a while sometimes.

If you ever needed evidence

that Ms. Champ is insane, you would only have to look at her site today (tomorrow it will doubtless be here). Everyone knows that the proper and more aesthetically pleasing method of installing a roll of toilet paper is to use the “paper elephant” method (loose end in front, resembling an elephant’s trunk) and not the “snail goes south” method (with the loose end towards the wall, resembling nothing as much as a snail). Harrumph indeed!

My vanity’s

nightmare scenario? Being referenced by Le Blogeur after not having updated my site in a few days. It hasn’t happened… yet

Via Zeldman

Via Zeldman I was directed to the wonderful Adland, subtitled “by the adgrunts for the adgrunts”. I’m not exactly an adgrunt, but close enough.

Wired News

is also covering the new SirCam virus/worm, as one would expect. It’s a very interesting issue considering that Mac OS X is now out in the world, and, as many have noted, Apple will soon be the largest volume Unix vendor in the world. Their rollout of OS X is happening in a very different context than earlier releases of consumer- and business-friendly operating systems, and it could be a huge opportunity for Apple. If they were to develop an open, fast, and highly professional security infrastructure I think a lot of people might sit up and take notice.