YULBlog.org relaunch tonight!

If you’re a blogger from Montreal, it would be a great idea to come to YULBlog tonight. Patrick and Eric Demay have done a great job developing a new (beautiful) YULBlog website that will give members much more direct control over both their personal profile and their blogs. The site is being launched tonight at First Wednesday at La Quincaillerie and you’ll (likely) be able to sign up for a profile and add your blog or blogs while having a beer or two with the YULBlog crew.

YULBlog on Montreal.tv

I forgot to mention it last week, but at this month’s YULBlog First Wednesday there was a crew from montreal.tv doing a piece on the monthly event. Here’s the piece. I think it might have been the first time I have been recorded speaking French for a TV or radio piece! (Note to self: don’t back away from the mike in future).

One of the regular discussions

among the consultants/freelancers/small-business-owners I know through YULBlog in Montreal was about setting up a space that would enable normally solitary workers to have a space in which to work away from the home and gain the benefit of the cross-pollination of ideas and creativity that come from seeing people on a daily basis. It looks like it’s a common problem, and in New York, the people at Paragraph seem to have a solution – at least for writers.

Patrick posted a

post-event wrapup of the Yulblog 5th Anniversary Party, which was held on Saturday night at Zeke’s Gallery. Thanks to everyone who came, and special thanks to Patrick, Chris, Alex, Ed. and M-J for doing the heavy lifting to get the thing off the ground,

On Saturday in the Gazette

they ran a piece on weblogs and YULBlog by Sarah Musgrave. You can read the relevant excerpts with added links at Metroblogging Montreal. Compare and contrast with Musgrave’s very early article on blogging that was published in the Montreal Mirror in 2001’s Noisemakers feature.

New social software to try:

YULBlog Tribe at Tribe.net. Give it a try.

I’ve been in a state of general busy-ness

during the past few months. It’s great – buying a house, planning to get married, starting to do interesting things at work; these are all good things. But in the process I’ve missed some very nice weblogs that I intend to start to read. One in this group has to be the great dandruff by Stephanie Troeth, newly arrived to Montreal from Melbourne near as I can tell. I met Stephanie at the last YULBlog night out, but until today, I am ashamed to say, I hadn’t seen her lovely site!

Karl Dubost

pointed out Mark Pilgrim’s screed on the public-evangelist@w3c.org mailing list today. Karl is a YULblog participant par excellence, so if I am able to make it next month I’ll be sure to talk to him more about this. He clarifies that XHTML 2 is just a working draft – but even as such, it’s pretty hostile to the people who have been working with this stuff among the public.

There’s a new YULBlog

that is definitely worthy of much attention: Nadia chez les Internautes. She’s been working out the focus of her blog for a little while now and is starting to really get something cool going. Note that I’m incredibly biased when it comes to Nadia, who is one of the best people I’ve known in my life.

After my class tonight

I just plain forgot about the YULbloggers meeting and drinkfest tonight. Just as well, as I’m off for a long weekend in NY tomorrow, so I had to get ready.

I’m going to NY to visit with my brother and his wife, who live there, and my mother and stepfather, who are in the city for the winter. Back on Monday – I’m probably not going to post until then.