Coming soon: Glitch!

Some news today grabbed my attention via Powazek: Stewart Butterfield and his fantastic crew are getting ready to release Glitch. There’s a lot more information in an article about the new endeavour: Watching the birth of Flickr co-founder’s gaming start-up.

This is really exciting news for me. I was a devotee of GNE, the pre-Flickr project from Stewart’s (and Caterina Fake’s) former company, Ludicorp, and this promises to once again take gaming down a wickedly fun road. While I don’t assume Glitch will be simply an expansion on that, having read about it and seen the intro video they’ve posted, I can already see enough of the amazingly quirky touches in this new project. I’ve never been into MMO games; but I’m very confident (read: terrified) that this one will be a very satisfying time-sink (!).

And I have to add: it makes me happy to know that this great dev team (arguably one of the greatest ever assembled, both by my subjective judgement and by any objective measure you could come up with) is back at it again.

Must Read

Whether it’s real or not (and I have no reason to doubt it), Stewart Butterfield’s resignation letter to Yahoo is a must-read.

Fast Company

on Flickr: Reinventing a category whose flashbulb burnt out from Fast Company’s Fast 50.

Stewart Butterfield,

Ben Cerveny, and Eric Costello: Transcendent Interactions. Ludicorp’s Presentation at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. Important stuff in here.

It’s funny that at dinner

the other night with Aaron, Caterina, and Stewart, we were talking a bit about TiVo. We don’t have it here, so I wanted a confirmation that it really was what I thought it was, and then discussed some other aspects of it, in a very general fashion. At one point, Aaron mentioned that it was obvious they were doing something with their data, even though we all knew (or suspected) that they denied it. The other three of us – we pretty much just assumed that he was right (at least that’s my recollection) and didn’t discuss it further. What’s to discuss?

Anyhow – to make a long story just a little longer – it seems that our assumptions/instincts were correct.