Cool idea; unfortunate nickname

Building skyscrapers from wood products (engineered wood products made from wood and resin for the most part) is a very cool idea, but the nickname for the process they came up with is unfortunate: tall wood. Young men in engineering schools around the world are going to snicker about that one for years to come…

The title of this story in my feeds

was Microsoft Agrees to Alter Vista Desktop Search. I wonder if the headline was just a coincidence, or if using a slightly modified “AltaVista” was a sly joke? (For newer Net folk, back in the day, AltaVista was THE search engine.)

Separated at birth?

Justine HeninHaley Joel OsmentTennis player Justine Henin and Haley Joel Osment.

Overheard in a hotel lobby:

rm -r *. “Here’s what I want you to type. ‘are em’ … yes. The letter ‘r’ and the letter ‘m’, together. Now type a dash. Yes, like a hyphen. OK, and then another ‘r’. Yes rm space hyphen r.” From Jeff Veen.

Anil Dash

accomplished something quite notable today: he managed to subtly get goatse (SFW) into the New York Times. [via Boing Boing. I may be the last one to post this, but still, worthy of note…]

Amazing Flickr coincidence story

on the FlickrBlog today. A guy went to Tokyo and took a photo of a woman who was herself shooting a photo of a street scene and posted it on Flickr. Someone who knew the woman informed her and she signed up for Flickr and posted the shot SHE was taking, already immortalized by the first guy.

In case you’ve missed them,

Google has an archive of their Google Olympic Doodles.


has published a fun piece on the relationship btw online and offline relationships, weblogs, tech-support forums, and the full circle between these among technologically engaged people in mid-decade: An example of information hunting and establishing connections between bits of data online.

Alternatives are good:

More Accurate (but, Admittedly, Less Sensational) Alternative Stencil Slogans for the ‘Neistat Brothers’, from Daring Fireball. Cf.

Cool new site:

MobileWhack. Not about gear, but about fun things you can do using your gear.