6A’s LiveJournal Sold!

John Battelle is reporting on his Searchblog that SixApart has sold LiveJournal to SUP, with whom they had entered into a partnership/localization agreement just over a year ago. I don’t know the details, but it makes sense for 6A to have cut LiveJournal loose – the journalling/social networking product doesn’t really fit into their blog-centric and increasingly enterprise-oriented strategy.

Here’s the press release from Six Apart.

A couple of days ago

something quite unique happened. Evan Williams (CEO of Obvious, co-creator of Blogger) put Odeo up for sale: Obviously: Looking for Odeo’s new home. He followed up with an interesting piece on his weblog about the lack of a marketplace for websites. It’s a very interesting development – Odeo isn’t a runaway success, but it’s not a failure either. It’s a marginally successful site that could, in the right hands, become a very good if not great site.

The traditional approach to unloading a property like that is to hype it beyond recognition until some big company can be goaded into buying it. But that wouldn’t serve Odeo well at all, and so Williams is charting an alternative path. As Anil Dash implies, that Williams has “Thank you” money is both refreshing to see and, ultimately, good for the web and the future of the industry.

Another big piece of news

in the last few days was the acquisition of del.icio.us by Yahoo! that was announced on Friday.

Is anyone who reads

mikel.org still using the blo.gs update service? Since Yahoo! took over I have noticed some strange problems, and I wonder if anyone else has noticed them. First, every so often blo.gs refreshes and the site names with apostophes are rendered incorrectly using escape codes. Also, and more importantly, I see a lot of “ghost” updates, by which I mean a site listed that has not really updated. I know that it happens spontaneously, because it lists my site as having been updated when nothing has changed.

Can anyone shed any light on what’s going on?

More news today

in the wonderful world of weblog infrastructure. One of the best services out there, blo.gs, has been acquired by Yahoo! as of today. The service blo.gs provides has largely been eclipsed by the buzz around RSS, but it’s just as valuable. I like RSS for the quick access it gives you to information from multiple sources, but weblogs aren’t just about the information – and that’s where blo.gs (and BlogTracker before it) come in. Weblogs are a much richer environment than any RSS feed can convey – and only by going to the sites themselves can you really capture that.


Adobe to Buy Macromedia in $3.4B Deal.

The rumour mill was right:

Flickr has been acquired by Yahoo. I bet a lot of people are going to be negative about this, but not me. I prefer a wait and see approach. But I will say that I bet Aaron never imagined he’d work for Yahoo!

It’s true:

Six Apart has bought LiveJournal. Here’s the Mena’s Corner about the whole thing. I’m impressed by how Six Apart seems to be developing as a company. From the licensing changes to this, they really seem to be learning.

The New York Times has published

a classy version of the Blogger story: Google Deal Ties Company to Weblogs. It’s nice to see that both founders of Pyra are cited.

Cory Doctorow has published

a great analysis of the Google acquisition of Blogger at Boing Boing today. “Google’s made a business out of this sort of research. Its PageRank algorithm is the best idea-diffusion-miner we’ve got right now, and in hindsight, Google’s move into blogs seems inevitable.”

There are quite a few (other) people who seem very concerned that this is a negative move, a drive to control weblogging as an endeavour, or that it will certainly game the rankings in the search engine. It’s pretty clear to me though that there’s no way this is a bad thing. Google has proven time and time again that they have a lot of respect for the internet and a near-obsessive desire to stay “legit” both in fact and in perception. Given that, I can’t see this as anything but a terrific bit of news for all webloggers, whether using Blogger or other systems.