YULBlog.org relaunch tonight!

If you’re a blogger from Montreal, it would be a great idea to come to YULBlog tonight. Patrick and Eric Demay have done a great job developing a new (beautiful) YULBlog website that will give members much more direct control over both their personal profile and their blogs. The site is being launched tonight at First Wednesday at La Quincaillerie and you’ll (likely) be able to sign up for a profile and add your blog or blogs while having a beer or two with the YULBlog crew.


  1. Great theme on yulblog. I like the text scrolling from top 2 bottom – very nice. are you planning to share the theme?

  2. @michael : .org ;)

    @eric I wasn’t planning on it, there a still a few things to fix “under the covers”, we’ll see after. I’ll have to check with Eric (the other one ;)) anyway, he did the visual design.