I still love MetaFilter

Without fail, the moment I wonder why I wade through countless MetaFilter posts (as I have been happily doing for ages), some wonderful person comes along and compiles a post like this: TV, When It Rocked and Rolled. Dear MetaFilter – you’re still one of the greatest things ever on the web.

New and Fun from MetaFilter

It’s hardly news, but Matt Haughey (and the team – Josh Millard, Jessamyn West, and Paul Bausch) has build one of the web’s great online communities over the years. In the last little while, they have been quietly adding a raft of really great community-building features.

One example unveiled today: Profile Photos of MeFites – succinctly introduced by Matt: “updated nightly, a dump of everyone’s uploaded profile photo”. Doesn’t seem like much, perhaps, compared to the latest chump-biting app from Facebook (!) or whatever – but the sum of this plus the rest of the new features is far greater than the parts. In a web full of “communities” that seem to be defined as narrowly and shallowly as possible, MetaFilter is a beacon of what the “social web” can be.

Dot-com mania

: Kuro5hin is merging with MetaFilter to produce Met4filter. Of course this is a Poisson d’Avril.

Link and Think

at MetaFilter.

Rebecca Blood

: 09.11.01: first thoughts. Rebecca is an uncommonly clear and reasonable thinker. Her posts at MetaFilter have been excellent as well.

Just notes


  • Some readers will know that my brother works downtown in Manhattan near the World Trade Center. I’ve heard from him, he’s OK. My sister-in-law is a flight attendant, and she’s OK too.
  • CNN.com has put up an extremely simple site, presumably to host a higher load of traffic. The CBC has done the same.
  • I’ve been getting my best breaking news from the virtual community at Cafe Utne. Lots of first hand accounts, and luckily just about everyone I know from the Cafe is OK. Haven’t heard from everyone yet.
  • MetaFilter has also been a good source of info.
  • Canadians with friends or family in New York can call 800-387-3124 for information.

Via MetaFilter

Via MetaFilter comes the sad news that Automatic Media has fired all of its employees – employees who have reportedly gone unpaid for several months. As anyone who reads here regularly knows, Automatic Media is the parent of Feed, Suck, and Plastic. Someone pointed to today’s Hit & Run at MeFi as well, where I found the following prescient (or foreshadowing) quote: But – and this is a lesson that’s bound to sink into our tiny little heads at some point – content is hard, time is valuable and neither love nor money can make the Web matter more than a good night’s sleep.

I want my

MetaFilter! But alas, it might be a while.

The biggest blog-world news

this weekend was that people learned that a hoax was perpetrated in the case a Kaycee Nicole, a young women who people thought had died of leukemia. It may still come out that there was some kernel of truth to the whole thing, but still – people who meant nothing but the best in such a (seemingly) sad situation were taken advantage of.

I don’t have much to add to the whole thing, since I didn’t really follow “Kaycee’s” blog at all. The only comment to make, perhaps, is that each new type of community on the web seems to have their very own betrayal/hoax experience. It might even be said to come with the turf. I’ve been involved in similar (roughly) situations in the past on old-school community sites – a couple of them. And from that experience, my only take-away was that in each case there were some who backed away from the communities at hand – and others deepened their links, consciously or not marking the hoax as an anomaly, and nothing to prompt total scepticism.

I hope something like that happens here. I do think there’s a broad community, of sorts, among people who keep weblogs, a certain amount of it focused on Matt’s excellent MetaFilter, where much of the present drama was played out.

In the thread about

the WWW’s tenth birthday at Metafilter, some question was raised about the date. As this chronology indicates, however, I think it’s entirely fair to say that the 17th is the day – after all, presenting a working system to a committee is a diffferent thing than an initial development milestone. Anyhow, I guess it’s not that important either way.